IN AN EFFORT to practice my drawing and creative skills on a daily basis, I’ve decided to try and post at least one sketch to this blog every day. These sketches will be exercises in free-association and/or just random free-floating thoughts that my mind may need to expel onto paper every so often. They may not be perfect. They may exemplify how not to render certain objects or ideas but that is just plum okay with me. With any luck, I may just generate an idea that will inspire a greater work of art through myself or through some other talented being in the universe.

THIS FIRST SKETCH was free-association. It began with a pair of eyes which led to a woman’s face, to the plank of wood it’s embedded in, to the dislocated ears, to the backwards pumps and finally the long, flowing hair that just barely graze the floor. What does it mean? I’ll leave it open to your interpretation.